Hello! We're Tom & Sarah

the designers, creators and dreamers behind Humbly Designed.

Who knew what one conversation could become. One sunny afternoon we sat outside beneath the shade, envisioning how we could turn our love for design and creativity into a business... then we realised, there's no time like the present. Let's just GO FOR IT. And just like that, Humbly Designed was born.

We wanted to bring something that was fresh, beautiful and in line with our a love for simplicity, nature and minimalistic design. Overtime we've continually been amazed as how well our passions align and how our different skill sets compliment each other. I (Sarah) love focusing on the graphic design and marketing side of the business while Tom brings to life these designs with his laser cutting, 3D modelling, product design and wood working skills.

Here at Humbly Designed, all pieces are originally designed with passion and detail and made with locally sourced materials. With a focus on fine art prints, stationery and homewares, we hope to inspire those of you who share a love of nature and minimalistic design.