How To Draw Flowers For Beginners

How To Draw Flowers For Beginners

Have you ever tried drawing flowers from the top of your head? With the diversity, beauty and simplicity of flowers, drawing them can be a wonderful way to be creative and a little carefree. There’s no right or wrong! However, there are still plenty of tips and tricks that can help you take your floral designs to the next level.

Let's gather our supplies!

What you’ll need:
  1. Sketchbook
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Pen

Step 1 - Draw the stem and branches

When creating my own unique designs I always start by sketching out the rough shape of the stem with pencil. This helps me to determine the overall size and look of my flower. Then utilising my easer and pencil, I play around with the stem and branches until I feel happy with the structure of the flower.

Step 2 - Draw in your main flower/s

Sometimes I sketch one huge statement flower, and other times I love to include a couple of feature flowers with varying sizes. 

Step 3 - Draw in the leaves

By now you should start to have a feel for your overall flower, which will help to determine what size/type of leaves to add in. Start playing around with different designs until you feel as though the flower is balanced and shaped in a pleasing way.

Step 4 - Outline

Using a pen, carefully trace out your floral design. Then with your eraser, rub out any pencil marks.

Step 5 - Add in details

Now for my favourite part, the details! Using a fine tipped pen, add in lines on your flowers and leaves, giving them depth and detail. Next, add flower buds and little leaves whenever you see fit. And there you have it, your own unique line art flower design!

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