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Live simply, live creatively

find joy in simple & creative living

Humbly Designed About Me

Hello, I’m Sarah.

Welcome to Humbly Designed, a little corner of the internet sharing about the joy of living simply and creatively in a world that is full of haste and and consumption.

As a child, I’m grateful to have grown up in a slow, clam environment with a plethora of time on my hands. I had hours upon hours to cultivate my creative passions and try new things.

However as an adult, I’ve seen the way clutter, consumption and the busyness of life can strip away my creativity and the joy of everyday. I’ve also noticed, when I slow down, create space and reconnect with my surroundings, the desire to be creative is ignited once again.

I’m passionate about helping others to slow down, simplify, and make room for their creativity to bloom. I’m so excited you’re here.